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Many dream but lack the skills to bring their dream into reality.

Dreaming Reality: The Seven Phases of Creating and Jo Anne Kellert will empower you with the skills necessary to excel with the commitment, determination, and focus of intention it takes to innovate and manifest a dream.

As you and your organization face increased global competition, relentless change and the mandate to do more, the most valuable asset you have is your creative power to imagine, visualize and invent new possibilities that grow into tangible, productive solutions.

Dreaming Reality: The Seven Phases of Creating by Jo Anne Kellert is a breakthrough—a proven process designed for individuals and organizations to install the best practices for building the courage and the competency to take on new challenges; come to terms with the past; and learn how to achieve individual and collective dreams. Through seminars, coaching and consulting, Jo Anne Kellert uses creativity, vision, and compassion to transform both individuals and the cultures of entire organizations. The result is a bold and lasting foundation from which new futures are invented, heartfelt dreams are achieved and productivity reaches unprecedented levels.

"Committing to a dream today creates a new future for tomorrow."
Jo Anne Kellert Ph.D.

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Dreaming Reality - the Seven Phases of Creating